Monday, February 27, 2006


B1 wants tickets to a sold out high profile arena show that has no comps. Oh, but I just scored 4 tickets for him. Because I am awesome.

Before I left work, I got yelled at from some chick because I was nice enough to inform her that B1 was running late in his calls. She told me how she has a family and cannot and will not wait around, though less tactifully. Well, that's nice. I already had gone into work early, ended up staying an hour later, have no time to pee, don't have time to hang out with my friends, respond to my mom's emails with one word, and had to learn key words in a different language today. Be fucking thankful I took the thirty seconds to inform you that you could utilize those ten minutes instead of waiting around.

In other exciting news, a band that I hope we sign is coming into town soon. It's been "their year" two years going now so I kinda feel like 2006 will either be it or not at all. I'm personally invested in the band and know that they have the talent and drive to succeed, they just had some faulty decisions along the way - thus keeping them in a rut. It's just weird circumstances right now. I have a lot of other things going on now - trying to make more time with my friends and of course being crazy deep in work, and less time for the band that I once had. I also recieved an email from one of the members out of the blue that was very strange, which has pushed me away a little bit. I'm positive it wasn't meant to because I brought it up and things were clarified, but the initial seed was planted. It just hasn't been the same lately - I look forward more to the roadtrips and the friends I have made through them than actually hearing the music, maybe I'm just tired, or maybe 3 years of the same grind has gotten to me. Don't get me wrong, they are still great guys and have the potential for a great future - but I think I may be tired of saying that. Having this band on our roster would be one of the best decisions they've made and will also give me some clout in this crazy industry. Additionally, it will be my most hands on project yet.


I could be here for 24 hours a day and still not get everything done. :-/ I'm frustrated because I can't even see my desk. I have so many things that are important that need to be done, but obviously I can only work on one thing at a time.

B1 is looking through an outdated tour binder and I think he is disappointed. It was on my desk because I was about to update it with the latest deal memos, ad plans, market research, etc. But he needed it now. Now was also when I had to get a package ready to be overnighted by 7 pm (I just finished it), set up two meetings for tomorrow, find an artist's cell number, plan B1's trip to LA, research a copyright infringement, and deal with all the people calling.

This morning I knew would be rough, so I made coffee at home. I drank a cup while getting ready, then another 2 cups during my cold trek to the office. After I got out of the subway I received a text from the intern saying she picked up coffee for me. 5 cups before noon and that still couldn't get me through my day.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

mobile office

This weekend I went to a show. I spent most of my time during the opening act writing a document to send out ASAP. The best was when they cut the house lights and couldn't see what I was transcribing. Good times. I got it done. Damn good thing I had all of my papers and notes with me as I travelled this weekend, wouldn't want to be caught empty handed while at the bar socializing with friends.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

cry wolf

Yesterday I went to the gym - ipod, keys, and blackberry in hand. I don't bring my regular phone, friends can wait. Blackberry doesn't know the term "wait". I start my 4 mile run and prop the blackberry on the machine so I can see it if it goes off. Rarely do I get summoned while I am at the gym, but the day I leave it in the car is when an emergency happens.

Halfway through my run I realize that I have 6 missed calls and 2 emails from B1. I don't know how I missed the flashing, but I did. All of the messages said to call him, nothing descriptive. So here I am sweating on the treadmill obviously without any of my papers or near a computer ready for this catastrophic emergency that warranted 8 reach outs to me in 15 minutes. And yes, I become that girl who is talking on the cell while on the treadmill. Luckily B1 was just asking how I was feeling and how my weekend was. Then as a side note asked if on Tuesday I can change his hotel. Um...? This is one percent of why I am always so anxious.

But today I headed to the coffeeshop before work since I needed to jumpstart my morning and I came in and the intern had on my desk a glorious cup of caffeine. Yay for double caffeine Tuesdays.

Friday, February 17, 2006

ay carumba!

Nothing like starting my Friday with a little Spanish.

B1 called from a foreign land and was caught off track due to a protest and needed to find his way to the hotel. Because in NYC, I know how to navigate around screaming masses crowding the streets thousands of miles away.

I have B1 on one line and the Spanish speaking hotel on the other as I try to find his way from point A to point B where apparently streets aren't name. I can't even tell you how fun that was. An exhilerating fifteen minutes where the office found it necessary to laugh at me as soon as I hung up since they heard my end of the conversation.

I won though.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

i'm loud

Intern just called me out for being loud. She said she could hear me singing to myself and chewing my gum very loudly. I'm kinda embarrassed.

screamers at hollywood momentum

I stumbled upon recently. The Screamers section is great - a sound off for low run assistants in the entertainment biz. As they only post one Screamer for each weekly edition, I was reading back issues for past posts and news on the left coast.

This Screamer was great and so very true, so I will share:

Story of the Week

It was my first week on a desk at a major agency, and I had to do travel for my boss and 2 other big time agents. They were going to San Francisco to sign a mid level director.

Boss: “You have to do an itinerary for everyone.”

Me: “Why can’t their assistants do their own itineraries?”

Boss: “Because you’re doing it.”

Ok. So I typed up your basic itinerary – flight numbers and departure times, car company # and where they would pick up the agents. You know, your basic stuff.

Boss: “What is this?”

Me: “An itinerary.”

Boss: “This isn’t an itinerary.”

Me: “It isn’t? What’s missing?”

Boss: “I want to know exactly how much time it should take us to go from our houses to the airport, from the curb to the gate, the flight length time, whether there will be snacks. I want every single minute accounted for.”

Was he kidding? I asked another assistant whether she thought my boss was kidding.

“Nope. You gotta treat these guys like they’re four years old. They have to be told exactly what to do at what time and for how long.”

So I typed up the most anal retentive itinerary you’ve ever seen. My boss scrutinized it, asked some clarifying questions (“So how many feet is it from the gate to the curb in San Francisco?”) and off they went.

And yes, they signed the client.


I almost forgot to post about this. I may have mentioned before, but there are some weird ass people on this floor. They all seem to be women who use the bathroom the same time as I do.

There's this guy who we've named "Powder". I try not to make direct eye contact because if I do I think my retinas may just burn out. He's a strange cookie. We ended up in the elvator together last night. Even without him present, I have elevator anxiety. I don't like to be that close to people I don't know and it is such a long and awkward descent. No one wants to be there, we all look at the floors changing. And why the hell does my building not have a third floor? That just adds to my uneasiness.

Regardless, Powder and I were in the elevator together last night. I could see him stare at me, but I ignored him and proceeded to play with my iPod. Then I think he was mocking me. Walking out of the elevator and through the security doors, he mimed my moves. Damn that Powder. We emerge outside and he bounds off full sprint. Go Powder go!



Over the past two days, I have been trying to remember key words from my high school Spanish classes. Unfortunately, the words "tickets", "meeting", "reservations",
"massage", "venue", and "fuck" don't come to mind. I've had continuous correspondence with Spanish speaking resources and have been struggling. I'm fine reading Spanish on websites and emails - speaking is a whole different story! I held my own when it came to my Italian correspondence, but Spanish leaves me whimpering.

And apparently EVERYONE is travelling this coming week - and everywhere!! Flights and hotels in every city I have had to seek out are booked. Why is everyone leaving?

Our RSBB will be coming in soon and so far they are the only ones completely unaffected, thank God.

I've had this radio research document open since this morning and have yet to get to it. It may be something I try to do tonight at home. And yesterday marked the momentous occassion of The Guest List of Spring '06. Yes, TGL. Keeping track of who will be at which show during CRL's first leg of the tour. On show nights I sometimes erupt into fits of panic because there is always some random name that will appear at will call who should have been on the list but is not because either I didn't get the email or I made a mistake or that person is lying. One time during the last leg of the 2005 tour I literally had to run to the office on a weekend before doors of a show hundred of miles away because my list didn't make it though. This is one of my favorite things that I do, but it does cause immense stress and constant correspondence. Makes the shows go by faster though.

On a related note, my favorite subjects in school were always geography and math. I can't even tell you how much math I've done on the job, but more importantly, how much geography I have to know. Well, other people can loook it up, but I'm able to respond instantly - such as the locations of Zurich and Dusseldorf in relation to each other, the capitol of Argentina, what the climate is like in Finland in April, where Tagalog is spoken, and how long it takes to drive from Winston-Salem to Chicago. Yeah GeoSafari!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

busy bee

I'm so tired I think I may bake a cake tonight. No joke, cake for dinner, come on over.

All was well in the world today, no disasters, every loose end was tied. I felt like I was on speed today and still didn't get everything done, but at least I am caught up.

That's all. I'm boring today. Travel travel travel.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

i'm annoying

I think a certain TM thinks that I am annoying. As you will come to see, it is best to double and triple check EVERYTHING. So...when it comes to tours, I try to check everything twice...usually once to confirm then again day before or of. I tend to send an email first since we are all on blackberries and then follow up with another email or call.

This one TM never seems to get back to me, though I know he receives my messages. He's always vague and usually brushes me off. He will not be the one who gets yelled at, I will! So tonight before I left the office I called the hotel to ensure that B1 will be able to check in late, as he will not have time to check in before the show. The hotel said that someone had cancelled his room and is not under the TM's list. WTF. I didn't cancel it. B1 didn't cancel it. I just want to go home.

So as I wrapped up my day so I could go home and sleep, I email TM to see what the deal was, if he had switched hotel rooms, if he put his room under a different name, what had happened. No response. So I call and he gets kinda pissy with me. I'm sorry if he arranged a room for B1 and all of a sudden it disappeared. He will not get a call at 1am when B1 has no bed, I will be the one who receives the angry call.

sigh of relief

I don't think I can recall a time that I have called out of work for being sick, usually I'll just plow through my sickness. Not yesterday. Even though I was on the couch covered in flannel, I was still working via laptop and blackberry in between sprints to the bathroom and intermittent naps in bed. B1 and B2 told me to take it easy, but it's hard to take it easy when you have travel to book in two countries this week. And upcoming release dates. And performances. I had to have conversations with our booking agent and a tour manager and I can't even recall what was said. Not only was I on my near death bed last night, I had to come in early today and have barely made it though.

Intern got me a get well gift though, so that was unexpected and sweet. :-)

B1 and I made a mad dash uptown to finish up our shopping adventure. We were able to compromise and get CRL something similiar to what he had wanted at the very very very very expensive store. I had on ripped jeans, my chucks, tshirt, and scarf - needless to say I got many discerning looks from the entirely black clad staff. I thought I was going to die in the cab ride back.

Because I am crazy sick, I haven't been able to retain much info. I have to set up these out of town meetings next week with several groups and I am afraid I have jumbled up the information. I know all of the key players, but when are they arriving...who are they meeting with...all together...seperate...I just want to nap.

That's all. Sorry my report is boring today. Back to my ginger ale.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

presents kill baby raccoons

I shit you not, I can't even make stuff up like this.

I was about to leave to head into midtown for the Great Vday Gift Search for CRL when my phone rang. Luckily I was still home and had my laptop to do some last minute urgent work for WWSS to send to the tour manager. I didn't even have time to check and recheck my work, just send and pray for the best.

I should note that I have been doing a lot of damn praying lately. Most notably when I almost screwed up royally due to wrong information given to me. I was told to order a bunch of tickets for a certain WWSS show using someone’s credit card. After all tickets were said and done, I fell across an e-mail and followed the e-trail. Someone's assistant had told me to get tickets for the wrong show! So I e-mailed the Someone whose credit card I used to find out which show he wanted - oh yeah, definitely not for the show I purchased. I left messages and e-mails to my contact at the venue to no avail. I thought this was it, thought I was done. Much more money than I could possibly replace may have gone towards the wrong show. I had sat in the hallway and silently prayed for five minutes just asking to get out of this. Everything ended up ok, tickets were able to be credited and I got Someone the correct tickets - though I have been way too busy to pick a religion or a church, but I sure have been praying a lot.

So back to today. I loaded up the iPod with some newly purchased discs and trekked off to Fifth Ave. The city streets were cold and bustling with people. Ahead, I saw a few cop cars, and then armed policemen. This sort of site doesn't really surprise me anymore, especially not in NYC. I get closer and see PETA protestors in full force - video, signs, costumes, flyers, and manpower. Interesting, I hadn't seen this type of protest so close up and I agree with their cause, it sickens me to see women prancing around in carcass fur. But what...what is this...? They are protesting the store I have to freaking enter to pick up this wild search for a gift. I pause and my jaw drops, why why why me?

I look at the protestors, then the store and try to enter. They accosted me and yelled something about killing animals for vanity. Inside the very very very very expensive store I was immediately helped, though a good portion of the staff were eyeing the protestors outside. Do you think my purchase would be easy in, easy out? No, because I am me. They had one of the three items that I had to purchase. They called the other stores in the city - no luck, because these items...are only....available...from the European buyer. What the fuck, I mean seriously.

I had three staff members helping me out and the minute the European buyer is available, there will be a call from the store. Fingers seriously crossed that I can get those suckers overnighted from across the ocean. The other item was the only one left, so I impulsively bought it. I also must point out that this item costs more than two months of my rent. While I was waiting for the staff that were relentlessly searching, I watched the protesters from the other side of the window. I couldn't help but overhear the workers who were next to me discussing the whole charade. Customers were rushed in slightly frightened and the staff didn't want to leave. Someone had shouted something about killing raccoons and a male staff member jokes that they would never carry raccoon. He then proceeded to brush off the leather that adorned his ensemble and said how unique and precious his shirt was. Looking out the window, he said at least those people out there are replaceable. And the surrounding staff laughed. I felt so awkward and so hurt that someone actually uttered those words. Here I am freaking supporting their trade and all I wanted to do was get the heck out of there.

But back to the bags, can we just discuss this for a second? There is a national, worldwide even, ad campaign for this brand. The items in this ad campaign aren't available?!?!? Why market something that you can't sell?!??! Oh wait, to make my life more difficult by trying to get these elusive items for someone who saw them advertised! ARGH!

So the store wrapped up my purchase and put it in its famous pristine packaging. Then, the door. I couldn't look at the protestors so I put on my sunglasses and looked past them as I exited. I was by myself so I was perfect fodder for them. Some guy shouted at me that I was too young and pretty to kill baby animals. Out of instinctive shock I looked up and froze and saw them all and the video and the photos - their chants and yells all blending together. I don't know if I was blocking someone or if a protestor said something, but then a policeman got in between myself and the crowd and escorted me away.

I immediately call my partner in crime because she'd appreciate my trauma, then my mom. I comforted myself with coffee (my third cup of the day and it was barely 3 pm) and a new book. Now I just have to hope that the Europe buyer comes through for me. I'll be sure to keep you posted.

Friday, February 10, 2006

drop it like it's not hot

I got the news today that one of our artists was dropped from a major label. Sucky news and I fee awful about it, but...

When I first heard this person was signed and that we're managing him, I wasn't thrilled. Semi-exciting because he is a big name, but it was pretty much everything I was against. "ohhh, lemme make a record now because it's fun and music is yay and this major label wants to put it out for me." Ok, maybe not those words exactly, but when a celebrity makes an album, it usually goes like that.

We worked the album. A single was released, he was on the daytime and late night talk shows, we had articles and reviews in major papers and magazines. It barely made a blip on soundscan. Nice guy, talented, but no. I had a feeling from the beginning it wouldn't take off andf it angers me on how much time, money, and emotion went into working this record when the product wasn't stellar to begin with. I maybe listened to it twice all the way through.

Seriously - its labels and artists making extra-curricular crap that keeps young, fresh, talented musicians from getting heard.

the mad merch hunt for v-day

I don’t even know where to begin and I promise you this is all true.

I received a call today from CRL who seemed to be in pretty good spirits. We laughed and joked, which is a rarity. CRL then said he had a special task for me since he could count on me to get to job done. I could only imagine…

He directs me to a magazine and page number and said that he wanted the items on the page as a gift – that style, that color and by Valentines Day – GO! I assumed I could go to any store, pick up the mag, find the ad, go online to the very very very very high end store, order the item, and have it shipped. No.

No store I went into has this magazine. Silly me for assuming the Feb 2006 mag was still on the shelf. I then call the office of the magazine since we have good relations with the editor. No one answers on a Friday evening. I sent out the intern on a mad dash through Manhattan to try to find a newsstand with last months issue. No way I was going to buy merchandise worth more than my life on my company credit card without a visual.

Getting desperate as Friday was coming to a close, I contacted everyone I knew to see if they had last months issue lying around. Someone at a label had it and saved my day. Of course I find the ad, but the damn products aren’t identified. At least it’s an ad for the label, so I have a start and hopefully the line is out.

Needless to say, I get to spend my weekend hunting down these products at the three Manhattan label locations. Monday I will be too busy dealing with music related issues to worry about finding this, so my weekend is dedicated to it. In the blizzard that is expected to hit. Because I wanted to spend my free days trekking all over Manhattan to find items that I can’t even afford to look at. I WAS going to travel and drink and rock, but no. Not now.

Now I am just so worried that my work credit card won’t be enough to purchase these, the items will be out of stock, or the items won’t even be out yet. If either of the last two happen, I am ready to be demanding informing the store clerks of who I am and with whom I work with.

I still can’t believe I have to responsible for making or breaking this chick’s Valentine’s Day. Keep me in your thoughts this weekend, hopefully this search will be painless and CRL will love me. Ok, not love me, but dislike me less.

I am Her

Recently I had a realization in the office - I am Her. Her is definitely capitalized.

B1 always has a right hand person, or right and left. B2 is Him and now I am referred to as Her. Because common names take too much time: monosyllable versus polysyllable.

Figure it takes one second to say "her" and two seconds to say my name. If I am called 60 times in a day, which is common, that is a whole minute of saved time. And one can address a lot of concerns in a minute.


I am in a cranky mood today. I think it's the three 10+ hour days I have endured in a row. I'm just tired and the large coffee I just devoured isn't kicking in yet.

There's been some drama to start off the morning and I don't think it helps anything that I've just been blah through it all. Road bumps are coming up in ticket sales that start in a week.

Today I am dealing with ticket counts for WWSS's tour, media research for CRL, finances for the artists, and general travel for everyone.

Intern just said that she was tired and I agreed. We also just said that we were pathetic. I have nothing much to say really, just checking it to say what I should be doing. At least I have everything secure for the weekend, not myself - just other people.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

end of day musings

Sometimes when I have too much coffee I like to bust up my rad dance sequences in the office. It is quite the scene. The intern and I were left alone in the office for some of the afternoon. As soon as B1 left and I dealt with resort drama, I was a floodgate. I had about twenty thoughts I had to share and hadn't had time to even open my mouth until 3pm. The intern just sat and laughed at my comments and tirades then mocked my accent saying it’s a mash up of extreme country and city. Then we got into talking about life and our situations while growing up and before I realized it was almost 6pm and almost time to go and I had accomplished NOTHING!

I stayed a bit later thus making my work day nearly 12 hours and I am coming in early tomorrow.

The Intern and I walked out together and ran into Hot Singer Songwriter Boy who works in the office next to us. I hit Intern and we try to stifle giggle because we are twelve. We end up taking the same subway home. This could be interesting.

I kind of adore that lead singer of nonwork band called to tell me that Love Monkey was cancelled, in addition to several other people who apparently know what would make me sad. We heard the rumors in the office today-what a fucking bust.

Now the news needs to be broken to CRL. In the past week I have realized that countless hours of my work have not been needed. This show, the flight from earlier today, and that damn guest list.

triple checking everything doesn't mean that it will go to plan

CRL has been planning a trip to a resort area, which means that I have been working closely with them and a studio contact getting their travel and appointments scheduled.

The resort has been more than accommodating and have been extremely patient with every new situation. About twelve hours until takeoff today, everything was planned and double confirmed with a few extras in their room for good measure.

I talked with CRL this morning and was notified that they were delaying their private flight for later on in the afternoon. Not a problem, I contacted the resort and informed them of the change and how the pick up service from the airport would have to be amended. They informed me that if would be tight, but not that it couldn’t happen – to just send them as much information as I knew.

I sent them the approximate arrival time then followed up when CRL and posse were actually in the air. They responded and confirmed. Five minutes after the plane landed, I got a call…

NO GROUND TRANSPORTATION PICK UP. Stranded at the airport on the island. Alternative modes were planned and they were on their way, but I can just imagine what they think of me right now. Especially since CRL isn’t too easy to please and easy to upset. I call my contact at the resort and she just said that they apologize and things must have gotten mixed up due to the change in times. I can’t even tell you how frustrated I was since I did what I needed to do and was pretty much sure that they did on their end as well.

big venue adventures in the big city

A few days ago we had WWSS come through NYC in the midst of his national tour. Granted anytime our artists are on tour there is always something to get done, such as market research, phoners, ticket sales tracking, etc - but them coming in town adds a whole new level of craziness.

Since I've been here I've always dealt with the guest lists for all of our artists’ shows. The Guest List: the ever-important list of who gets in, who sits where, who gets what type of pass, and who gets backstage. I've been working on TGL for WWSS's NYC show for quite a number of days. I had it perfect, flawless, and up to date.

Day of show, we had some cancellations and luckily we were able to sell those tickets back to the box office. After placing my last batch of tix, B1 decided to just go to the venue and place them himself. ARGH!

I left work early and headed to the big NYC venue. For being a BNYCV you would think that they would have everything in order. No. I was to get my final final final list in by 5 PM. I got it in at 4:45 PM. With mostly everything that needs to be handed in to someone I have learned to make sure I copy myself on the blackberry and also bring at least 5 copies of everything. This time was sure to be no different.

I dodged the gaggle of screaming fans hanging out by the side door and dodged in by the stage and got my VIP backstage laminate. The box office decided to make things even more complicated by not allowing tickets to be handed out with passes. This meant that I had to meet up with the people who were getting tickets with their passes. Luckily there were only 4 sets since mostly everyone else had received their tickets already from the label or promoter. While I was waiting for people to get their tickets, I was also monitoring the people who came in to match faces with names and ensuring that they were handled ok. Everything was fine until…a name wasn’t on TGL. I KNEW this one name was on the list, he was one of the first. I go over and sure enough, name wasn’t on their list – though on mine. Though I received attitude, I remained positive that I did everything that I was asked and that this guest was to get passes and he was legit. Another group came and the venue didn’t have their name either. Great - not good for my anxiety and my cred. Especially since B1 and B2 were with WWSS, I had to handle it. I compared my list with the venue worker and she did not have all of my names so I stayed until nearly show time to make sure no one on our list was stranded.

It was a few minutes till show time when I ran into B2 backstage. He asked if I was going to my seat, but I informed him that my seat was at the bar. WWSS showed me how to dance and it was pretty entertaining. I had also brought vodka in with me because I knew I wouldn’t want to go through the hassle of going to the bar during the show – so I grabbed our intern and we went into the bathroom and spiked our complimentary cokes on the plush couches. The opening song came on and we ran to the front of the stage to our seats.

Big Venue was huge and packed to capacity. I’m not a fan of WWSS’s music, but clearly the house was brimming with idolizers. I suck down my drink and take it all in – the theatrics, the fans, the sounds, and the presence. I can respect WWSS, just still not a fan though I did recognize most of the songs due to radio and television. After a few songs, Intern looked at me and said that she couldn’t feel her face and asked what I put in her drink. I laughed so hard because that’s how I do – haha. I spent half the time on my blackberry and half the time watching the stage – great performance, again, just not my thing. I realized that some of the VIPs I was sitting near looked jaded and bored and though this was a big name on a big label, they were too cool to show any emotion. Screw that. I often get bypassed because not only am I young, but probably shorter than anyone I’ve had to work with. I definitely don’t stand out. They can be bored, I’m going to get up and dance with our Intern. And we had a crazy fun time singing and dancing. Afterwards I was social with the backstage craziness then dodged out after the masses left the building.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Love Monkey

Since I am watching this program now, I’ll share with you my brush with prime time awesomeness.

I went to college thinking that I was going to work in broadcast television. I designed my double major in communication and political science thinking that I was going to shoot video and film and tell stories. No, my passions lied within finding and developing talent through extra curricular activities. A week before graduation I panicked and walked the stage with no direction in sight. Though I now work in the music business, I still love filming, broadcasting, editing, etc etc etc.

When I saw the commercials for “Love Monkey”, I knew I’d like it. Though not totally accurate and convincing, it still does its purpose of bringing an interesting career to prime time – not another doctor or lawyer show. Every Tuesday night, you can find me watching it, smiling, laughing, crying at the passion that they try to convey of one man trying to keep his integrity and cred in the rock world.

Not too long ago, the show called for our CRL (classic rock legend). B1 and B2 were out of the office that week, which meant I had to hold down the fort as tight as I could. I was on the phone and emailing the forces behind the program trying to tie all loose ends and get as much communication and progress as possible. It was exhilarating to have it all come together.

I did discover that even on a major network with big names behind it, everything is so last minute and can change at any given time. I was getting calls at 2 am!! I couldn’t help myself…I didn’t mean to…but one of the main producers had called me and I confessed how much I loved the show. We ended up speaking for a half hour about the show, Teddy, music, NYC, random things. I couldn’t believe it. The guy who creates one of my favorite shows on TV knows who I am and knows more about me than just my name. Yes.

On a Friday our CRL came in and shoot everything smoothly. The cast and crew loved him and B1. Various people that I had corresponded with had called me throughout the day to tell me how easy everything went and how much they enjoyed working with us. That felt pretty damn awesome and offered some redemption for a week of sleepless nights, many cups of coffee, and anxiety to new levels.

Last minute, I had to bring CRL’s guitar to the set on Monday morning. Call time was 6 am, which meant that I had to wake the fuck up at 3:45 am to get into the city. Several people from the show had contacted me that weekend to tell me how much they were looking forward to meeting me, so that was some impulsion to get up the earliest I think I have ever had to wake up.

Some of the morning was blurry since I was still semi-asleep. I met more of the crew and sat around watching the hustle and bustle. I had a very important job of guarding a guitar – ha! The set was at MTV in the TRL studios. While answering an email from the lead singer of a nonwork band (crap, I need to come up with a lot of acronyms!), I realized that I was standing on the TRL stage holding a guitar. This is the fantasy come true for most musicians, haha. Later on that morning I messed around with one of the actors on the show pretending we were real rock stars. Well, he is poised to be in the spotlight, I am not. I hung around for most of the morning just watching the action. of the ladies in wardrobe that I had been talking with in the morning asked me to go over with her and the stage manager. Then they placed me in the damn shot right behind Teddy. In a sea of 15 year old kids. They said that I look like I fit in – what is that!?! For the next hour we did placings and different shots. Cell phones were banned but they let me check my blackberry periodically. We shot the scenes and it should be coming to a screen near you soon.

Everything was fine until I realized I had four missed calls from work and a dozen emails. I hadn’t received service! One of the emails was from our travel agent regarding B1’s flight that should have taken off already and how he wasn’t on it. I honestly had a mini heart attack in the MTV lobby. I didn’t know if I messed something up because it was imperative that he was on the flight. I called our intern before I called B1 because she would at least give me a warning if anything terrible would happen to me.

Incidentally there was an accident on the highway and B1 missed his flight. Missing his flight meaning contacting everyone at the afternoon meeting and securing other arrangements – ASAP. I didn’t know where to go, so I sat on CRL’s guitar case in the MTV lobby and sat on the blackberry for twenty minutes. Gotta love my portable office.


Tuesday evening = first post.

I started this blog because my higher ups read my public site and blog and needless to say, I can't honestly write what happens or how I feel in regards to work with someone looking over my shoulder. Lately, I have barely had any time for my friends since I have been inundated with work, so I figure this will be a pretty easy way to entertain and welcome people into what I do during the day. I've been keeping a personal account of my days here for the book that I am working on (very very very far ahead in the future), but having something semipublic is more fun. Many random, cool, and fun incidents happen at the office that the girls have coined the phrase, "that goes in the book!” We have a notebook in the back room so we can easily run and jot any event before we get too busy to recollect the details later. The pages are pretty full. So this is me reaching out to you sharing the ins and outs of being immersed in the music industry. I will try to be as detailed as possible, without naming names and being vague on times and locations.

I've been in NYC for over a year now and things have really been solidifying in the past few months. I have titled my blog "little fish big sea" because as I walked through the city between skyscrapers and hundreds of people while fighting back tears of frustration and desolation, it kept echoing through my head that I was such a small factor in this now global music scale in which I am now involved. Once having my finger on the pulse of my local music scene, I was thrusted into the big leagues. And everyday when I left the office, I played a little Switchfoot - The Beautiful Letdown album was the soundtrack of my beginning months here, particularly these lyrics:

In a world full of bitter pain
And bitter doubts
I was trying so hard to fit in
Fit in, until I found out

I don't belong here (I don't belong)
I don't belong here (I don't belong)
I will carry a cross and a song
Where I don't belong
I don't belong

It was a beautiful letdown
When You found me here
Yeah, for once in a rare blue moon
I see everything clear
I'll be a beautiful letdown
That's what I'll forever be
And though it may cost my soul
I'll sing for free

But I'm happy to say that I now live with two of my closest friends, have made a dent for myself here in the industry, have had amazing learning experiences, and maintain a lot of awesome new friendships. This is my life now and I couldn't be happier or imagine doing anything else.

I work for one of the most respected music management companies in the world. My boss was a pioneer in the industry and started by joining forces with another big global name in the industry. We have half the artists now than what we had when I first was hired. My company manages one world wide super star act (WWSS), a classic rock legend (CRL), an lifetime musician who is now a big time actor and is going back to his roots (AM), and a recently signed baby artist (RSBA). We are currently scouting out more bands to add to our roster, but four is enough to keep us busy. I'll often refer to my bosses, who will now be known as B1 and B2.

So this is me, a twenty something discovering who she is and who she wants to be in the city that never sleeps in the industry that mimics and guides peoples' lifestyles.

(I am now signing off to watch “Love Monkey” on CBS. I highly recommend it, it’s my life in sitcom form. And I will be on it soon, blog to come about that soon. Tom Cavanagh is my newest star crush.)