Thursday, February 09, 2006

end of day musings

Sometimes when I have too much coffee I like to bust up my rad dance sequences in the office. It is quite the scene. The intern and I were left alone in the office for some of the afternoon. As soon as B1 left and I dealt with resort drama, I was a floodgate. I had about twenty thoughts I had to share and hadn't had time to even open my mouth until 3pm. The intern just sat and laughed at my comments and tirades then mocked my accent saying it’s a mash up of extreme country and city. Then we got into talking about life and our situations while growing up and before I realized it was almost 6pm and almost time to go and I had accomplished NOTHING!

I stayed a bit later thus making my work day nearly 12 hours and I am coming in early tomorrow.

The Intern and I walked out together and ran into Hot Singer Songwriter Boy who works in the office next to us. I hit Intern and we try to stifle giggle because we are twelve. We end up taking the same subway home. This could be interesting.

I kind of adore that lead singer of nonwork band called to tell me that Love Monkey was cancelled, in addition to several other people who apparently know what would make me sad. We heard the rumors in the office today-what a fucking bust.

Now the news needs to be broken to CRL. In the past week I have realized that countless hours of my work have not been needed. This show, the flight from earlier today, and that damn guest list.


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