Thursday, February 09, 2006

triple checking everything doesn't mean that it will go to plan

CRL has been planning a trip to a resort area, which means that I have been working closely with them and a studio contact getting their travel and appointments scheduled.

The resort has been more than accommodating and have been extremely patient with every new situation. About twelve hours until takeoff today, everything was planned and double confirmed with a few extras in their room for good measure.

I talked with CRL this morning and was notified that they were delaying their private flight for later on in the afternoon. Not a problem, I contacted the resort and informed them of the change and how the pick up service from the airport would have to be amended. They informed me that if would be tight, but not that it couldn’t happen – to just send them as much information as I knew.

I sent them the approximate arrival time then followed up when CRL and posse were actually in the air. They responded and confirmed. Five minutes after the plane landed, I got a call…

NO GROUND TRANSPORTATION PICK UP. Stranded at the airport on the island. Alternative modes were planned and they were on their way, but I can just imagine what they think of me right now. Especially since CRL isn’t too easy to please and easy to upset. I call my contact at the resort and she just said that they apologize and things must have gotten mixed up due to the change in times. I can’t even tell you how frustrated I was since I did what I needed to do and was pretty much sure that they did on their end as well.


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