Thursday, February 09, 2006

big venue adventures in the big city

A few days ago we had WWSS come through NYC in the midst of his national tour. Granted anytime our artists are on tour there is always something to get done, such as market research, phoners, ticket sales tracking, etc - but them coming in town adds a whole new level of craziness.

Since I've been here I've always dealt with the guest lists for all of our artists’ shows. The Guest List: the ever-important list of who gets in, who sits where, who gets what type of pass, and who gets backstage. I've been working on TGL for WWSS's NYC show for quite a number of days. I had it perfect, flawless, and up to date.

Day of show, we had some cancellations and luckily we were able to sell those tickets back to the box office. After placing my last batch of tix, B1 decided to just go to the venue and place them himself. ARGH!

I left work early and headed to the big NYC venue. For being a BNYCV you would think that they would have everything in order. No. I was to get my final final final list in by 5 PM. I got it in at 4:45 PM. With mostly everything that needs to be handed in to someone I have learned to make sure I copy myself on the blackberry and also bring at least 5 copies of everything. This time was sure to be no different.

I dodged the gaggle of screaming fans hanging out by the side door and dodged in by the stage and got my VIP backstage laminate. The box office decided to make things even more complicated by not allowing tickets to be handed out with passes. This meant that I had to meet up with the people who were getting tickets with their passes. Luckily there were only 4 sets since mostly everyone else had received their tickets already from the label or promoter. While I was waiting for people to get their tickets, I was also monitoring the people who came in to match faces with names and ensuring that they were handled ok. Everything was fine until…a name wasn’t on TGL. I KNEW this one name was on the list, he was one of the first. I go over and sure enough, name wasn’t on their list – though on mine. Though I received attitude, I remained positive that I did everything that I was asked and that this guest was to get passes and he was legit. Another group came and the venue didn’t have their name either. Great - not good for my anxiety and my cred. Especially since B1 and B2 were with WWSS, I had to handle it. I compared my list with the venue worker and she did not have all of my names so I stayed until nearly show time to make sure no one on our list was stranded.

It was a few minutes till show time when I ran into B2 backstage. He asked if I was going to my seat, but I informed him that my seat was at the bar. WWSS showed me how to dance and it was pretty entertaining. I had also brought vodka in with me because I knew I wouldn’t want to go through the hassle of going to the bar during the show – so I grabbed our intern and we went into the bathroom and spiked our complimentary cokes on the plush couches. The opening song came on and we ran to the front of the stage to our seats.

Big Venue was huge and packed to capacity. I’m not a fan of WWSS’s music, but clearly the house was brimming with idolizers. I suck down my drink and take it all in – the theatrics, the fans, the sounds, and the presence. I can respect WWSS, just still not a fan though I did recognize most of the songs due to radio and television. After a few songs, Intern looked at me and said that she couldn’t feel her face and asked what I put in her drink. I laughed so hard because that’s how I do – haha. I spent half the time on my blackberry and half the time watching the stage – great performance, again, just not my thing. I realized that some of the VIPs I was sitting near looked jaded and bored and though this was a big name on a big label, they were too cool to show any emotion. Screw that. I often get bypassed because not only am I young, but probably shorter than anyone I’ve had to work with. I definitely don’t stand out. They can be bored, I’m going to get up and dance with our Intern. And we had a crazy fun time singing and dancing. Afterwards I was social with the backstage craziness then dodged out after the masses left the building.


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