Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Love Monkey

Since I am watching this program now, I’ll share with you my brush with prime time awesomeness.

I went to college thinking that I was going to work in broadcast television. I designed my double major in communication and political science thinking that I was going to shoot video and film and tell stories. No, my passions lied within finding and developing talent through extra curricular activities. A week before graduation I panicked and walked the stage with no direction in sight. Though I now work in the music business, I still love filming, broadcasting, editing, etc etc etc.

When I saw the commercials for “Love Monkey”, I knew I’d like it. Though not totally accurate and convincing, it still does its purpose of bringing an interesting career to prime time – not another doctor or lawyer show. Every Tuesday night, you can find me watching it, smiling, laughing, crying at the passion that they try to convey of one man trying to keep his integrity and cred in the rock world.

Not too long ago, the show called for our CRL (classic rock legend). B1 and B2 were out of the office that week, which meant I had to hold down the fort as tight as I could. I was on the phone and emailing the forces behind the program trying to tie all loose ends and get as much communication and progress as possible. It was exhilarating to have it all come together.

I did discover that even on a major network with big names behind it, everything is so last minute and can change at any given time. I was getting calls at 2 am!! I couldn’t help myself…I didn’t mean to…but one of the main producers had called me and I confessed how much I loved the show. We ended up speaking for a half hour about the show, Teddy, music, NYC, random things. I couldn’t believe it. The guy who creates one of my favorite shows on TV knows who I am and knows more about me than just my name. Yes.

On a Friday our CRL came in and shoot everything smoothly. The cast and crew loved him and B1. Various people that I had corresponded with had called me throughout the day to tell me how easy everything went and how much they enjoyed working with us. That felt pretty damn awesome and offered some redemption for a week of sleepless nights, many cups of coffee, and anxiety to new levels.

Last minute, I had to bring CRL’s guitar to the set on Monday morning. Call time was 6 am, which meant that I had to wake the fuck up at 3:45 am to get into the city. Several people from the show had contacted me that weekend to tell me how much they were looking forward to meeting me, so that was some impulsion to get up the earliest I think I have ever had to wake up.

Some of the morning was blurry since I was still semi-asleep. I met more of the crew and sat around watching the hustle and bustle. I had a very important job of guarding a guitar – ha! The set was at MTV in the TRL studios. While answering an email from the lead singer of a nonwork band (crap, I need to come up with a lot of acronyms!), I realized that I was standing on the TRL stage holding a guitar. This is the fantasy come true for most musicians, haha. Later on that morning I messed around with one of the actors on the show pretending we were real rock stars. Well, he is poised to be in the spotlight, I am not. I hung around for most of the morning just watching the action. of the ladies in wardrobe that I had been talking with in the morning asked me to go over with her and the stage manager. Then they placed me in the damn shot right behind Teddy. In a sea of 15 year old kids. They said that I look like I fit in – what is that!?! For the next hour we did placings and different shots. Cell phones were banned but they let me check my blackberry periodically. We shot the scenes and it should be coming to a screen near you soon.

Everything was fine until I realized I had four missed calls from work and a dozen emails. I hadn’t received service! One of the emails was from our travel agent regarding B1’s flight that should have taken off already and how he wasn’t on it. I honestly had a mini heart attack in the MTV lobby. I didn’t know if I messed something up because it was imperative that he was on the flight. I called our intern before I called B1 because she would at least give me a warning if anything terrible would happen to me.

Incidentally there was an accident on the highway and B1 missed his flight. Missing his flight meaning contacting everyone at the afternoon meeting and securing other arrangements – ASAP. I didn’t know where to go, so I sat on CRL’s guitar case in the MTV lobby and sat on the blackberry for twenty minutes. Gotta love my portable office.