Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Yesterday sucked

Ever have one of those days that within five minutes of being in the office, you know it is going to be hell? Yesterday was it. I hadn't been so frustrated and close to tears since I first started. To make matters worse, I wasn't responsible for any of the craziness, I just received everyone's anxiety.

As soon as I walked into work, early, the phones were going crazy. I had booked B1 a vehicle for a big meeting with one of our artists. He was also with a few of the best agents and label heads in the US. Their car wasn't at the confirmed location - it was 20 miles away. The company had made a mistake, and granted though it wasn't my fault and I was able to fix the damn situation, it didn't put B1 in a good mood.

Once he was in the car, I had to navigate him to the artist's house because the rental company made another mistake by not equipping the vehicle with a navigation system. They were trying to drive out of a city, but most of the roads were closed due to an event and a storm. His frustration, again, was taken out on me. I finally got him out onto a highway and he pleaded with me that I was taking him the wrong way. I ensured him that I was following the map and reading it to him exactly how I should. He became exasperated with me and hung up to get directions from a gas station. An hour later he called to apologize saying that I was right all along, it just didn't look familiar to him.

I'm now 2 hours behind schedule my day. I usually do my artist ticket counts and guest lists first thing in the morning, but obviously I am already into the afternoon. Oh, I almost forgot, B1 also had lost his blackberry over the weekend, so in addition to answering all of the calls and emails directed to me, I also had to keep tabs on all of his incoming emails. I'm already behind schedule, have to deal with his correspondence along with my own, but now I am on the search for a new blackberry. He has a model that was new 6 months ago, there is now a newer one out - he doesn't want that one - so most of my day was spent searching for said blackberry. Once found, I had to run out downtown in the rain - not that pleasant.

Midafternoon he asked me to check for flights for his daughter. I have artist stuff to work on! So while still searching for all possible flight scenarios for his daughter, I was juggling setting up worldwide phone interviews. I was yelled at for not finding a flight fast enough!

I don't get upset that often, and though I'm pretty high strung, I have a high frustration threshold. I've dealt with a lot of crap during my childhood that pretty much all obstacles thrown at me as an adult have been pretty mundane. So I just don't let it get to me. Not today. I could only get yelled at, hung up on, and let down so many times. And of course I am upsetting our artists because I can't get any of their stuff done due to having to run around with B1.

Could it get worse? Yes, his cell phone stopped working. By the way, he was in a different time zone. He just lost both of his life lines in less than 24 hours - his cell and blackberry. So now I have to field all of his calls and emails while trying to do EVERYTHING ELSE. Oh wait, B2 had left mid afternoon because he was sick. So add all of the responsibilty he left me with my already crazed day and you get one frustrated and overworked assistant. I ate lunch at 5:30 pm.

I was at work for about 13 hours and left after an apologetic phone conversation with B1. I'm not tht upset anymore - I was just completely burnt out yesterday, and thought I was drained, I felt unsatisfied as my work day was pretty much unsubstantial. Sigh, there will be days like this.


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