Sunday, March 05, 2006

don't yell at me

Last week, I set up a meeting for B1 involving him and the President of a major label in regards to one of our artists. The Prez's assistant is usually really nice and helpful - not this time.

I had double confirmed the meeting and even called her when B1 walked through the label's doors since he was a few minutes late. Minutes later, she calls me asking me the whereabouts of our artist. The artist in question was the topic of the meeting, he wasn't attanding the meeting. I know for a fact that the miscommunication was on her end since I had been booking his Academy Award travel, no way I would have mistaken him to be in NYC instead of LA.

This girl flew off the handle at me and I had no idea what to say. I stayed calm and confident in what I had originally discussed with her and reassured her that the artist was not in NYC. She said some choice words and phrases that were just not appropriate for the work place. She ended up hanging up on me.

The assistant called back a few minutes later to yell at me some more and told me next time I want to communicate with her, to do it via email.

A half hour later, she called to apologize saying that when she looked at her notes last week she realized she was the one in the wrong. She said she had a bad day and took it out on me. Sigggghhhhhhh.

I was justa littleafraid that B1 would catch wind and yell at me, though it wasn't my fault. I told him and he defended me, which was good. We talked about assistants and being all lower rung and stuff. It was a good conversation. I think I am going to start asking the assistants that I work with on a regular basis if they want to go out for drinks after work. I am sure I am not the only underling in the industry that needs to let off steam after work. Would that be weird?


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