Monday, February 27, 2006


B1 wants tickets to a sold out high profile arena show that has no comps. Oh, but I just scored 4 tickets for him. Because I am awesome.

Before I left work, I got yelled at from some chick because I was nice enough to inform her that B1 was running late in his calls. She told me how she has a family and cannot and will not wait around, though less tactifully. Well, that's nice. I already had gone into work early, ended up staying an hour later, have no time to pee, don't have time to hang out with my friends, respond to my mom's emails with one word, and had to learn key words in a different language today. Be fucking thankful I took the thirty seconds to inform you that you could utilize those ten minutes instead of waiting around.

In other exciting news, a band that I hope we sign is coming into town soon. It's been "their year" two years going now so I kinda feel like 2006 will either be it or not at all. I'm personally invested in the band and know that they have the talent and drive to succeed, they just had some faulty decisions along the way - thus keeping them in a rut. It's just weird circumstances right now. I have a lot of other things going on now - trying to make more time with my friends and of course being crazy deep in work, and less time for the band that I once had. I also recieved an email from one of the members out of the blue that was very strange, which has pushed me away a little bit. I'm positive it wasn't meant to because I brought it up and things were clarified, but the initial seed was planted. It just hasn't been the same lately - I look forward more to the roadtrips and the friends I have made through them than actually hearing the music, maybe I'm just tired, or maybe 3 years of the same grind has gotten to me. Don't get me wrong, they are still great guys and have the potential for a great future - but I think I may be tired of saying that. Having this band on our roster would be one of the best decisions they've made and will also give me some clout in this crazy industry. Additionally, it will be my most hands on project yet.


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