Thursday, February 16, 2006


I almost forgot to post about this. I may have mentioned before, but there are some weird ass people on this floor. They all seem to be women who use the bathroom the same time as I do.

There's this guy who we've named "Powder". I try not to make direct eye contact because if I do I think my retinas may just burn out. He's a strange cookie. We ended up in the elvator together last night. Even without him present, I have elevator anxiety. I don't like to be that close to people I don't know and it is such a long and awkward descent. No one wants to be there, we all look at the floors changing. And why the hell does my building not have a third floor? That just adds to my uneasiness.

Regardless, Powder and I were in the elevator together last night. I could see him stare at me, but I ignored him and proceeded to play with my iPod. Then I think he was mocking me. Walking out of the elevator and through the security doors, he mimed my moves. Damn that Powder. We emerge outside and he bounds off full sprint. Go Powder go!


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