Friday, February 10, 2006

the mad merch hunt for v-day

I don’t even know where to begin and I promise you this is all true.

I received a call today from CRL who seemed to be in pretty good spirits. We laughed and joked, which is a rarity. CRL then said he had a special task for me since he could count on me to get to job done. I could only imagine…

He directs me to a magazine and page number and said that he wanted the items on the page as a gift – that style, that color and by Valentines Day – GO! I assumed I could go to any store, pick up the mag, find the ad, go online to the very very very very high end store, order the item, and have it shipped. No.

No store I went into has this magazine. Silly me for assuming the Feb 2006 mag was still on the shelf. I then call the office of the magazine since we have good relations with the editor. No one answers on a Friday evening. I sent out the intern on a mad dash through Manhattan to try to find a newsstand with last months issue. No way I was going to buy merchandise worth more than my life on my company credit card without a visual.

Getting desperate as Friday was coming to a close, I contacted everyone I knew to see if they had last months issue lying around. Someone at a label had it and saved my day. Of course I find the ad, but the damn products aren’t identified. At least it’s an ad for the label, so I have a start and hopefully the line is out.

Needless to say, I get to spend my weekend hunting down these products at the three Manhattan label locations. Monday I will be too busy dealing with music related issues to worry about finding this, so my weekend is dedicated to it. In the blizzard that is expected to hit. Because I wanted to spend my free days trekking all over Manhattan to find items that I can’t even afford to look at. I WAS going to travel and drink and rock, but no. Not now.

Now I am just so worried that my work credit card won’t be enough to purchase these, the items will be out of stock, or the items won’t even be out yet. If either of the last two happen, I am ready to be demanding informing the store clerks of who I am and with whom I work with.

I still can’t believe I have to responsible for making or breaking this chick’s Valentine’s Day. Keep me in your thoughts this weekend, hopefully this search will be painless and CRL will love me. Ok, not love me, but dislike me less.


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