Friday, February 10, 2006

drop it like it's not hot

I got the news today that one of our artists was dropped from a major label. Sucky news and I fee awful about it, but...

When I first heard this person was signed and that we're managing him, I wasn't thrilled. Semi-exciting because he is a big name, but it was pretty much everything I was against. "ohhh, lemme make a record now because it's fun and music is yay and this major label wants to put it out for me." Ok, maybe not those words exactly, but when a celebrity makes an album, it usually goes like that.

We worked the album. A single was released, he was on the daytime and late night talk shows, we had articles and reviews in major papers and magazines. It barely made a blip on soundscan. Nice guy, talented, but no. I had a feeling from the beginning it wouldn't take off andf it angers me on how much time, money, and emotion went into working this record when the product wasn't stellar to begin with. I maybe listened to it twice all the way through.

Seriously - its labels and artists making extra-curricular crap that keeps young, fresh, talented musicians from getting heard.


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