Thursday, February 16, 2006



Over the past two days, I have been trying to remember key words from my high school Spanish classes. Unfortunately, the words "tickets", "meeting", "reservations",
"massage", "venue", and "fuck" don't come to mind. I've had continuous correspondence with Spanish speaking resources and have been struggling. I'm fine reading Spanish on websites and emails - speaking is a whole different story! I held my own when it came to my Italian correspondence, but Spanish leaves me whimpering.

And apparently EVERYONE is travelling this coming week - and everywhere!! Flights and hotels in every city I have had to seek out are booked. Why is everyone leaving?

Our RSBB will be coming in soon and so far they are the only ones completely unaffected, thank God.

I've had this radio research document open since this morning and have yet to get to it. It may be something I try to do tonight at home. And yesterday marked the momentous occassion of The Guest List of Spring '06. Yes, TGL. Keeping track of who will be at which show during CRL's first leg of the tour. On show nights I sometimes erupt into fits of panic because there is always some random name that will appear at will call who should have been on the list but is not because either I didn't get the email or I made a mistake or that person is lying. One time during the last leg of the 2005 tour I literally had to run to the office on a weekend before doors of a show hundred of miles away because my list didn't make it though. This is one of my favorite things that I do, but it does cause immense stress and constant correspondence. Makes the shows go by faster though.

On a related note, my favorite subjects in school were always geography and math. I can't even tell you how much math I've done on the job, but more importantly, how much geography I have to know. Well, other people can loook it up, but I'm able to respond instantly - such as the locations of Zurich and Dusseldorf in relation to each other, the capitol of Argentina, what the climate is like in Finland in April, where Tagalog is spoken, and how long it takes to drive from Winston-Salem to Chicago. Yeah GeoSafari!


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