Tuesday, February 14, 2006

i'm annoying

I think a certain TM thinks that I am annoying. As you will come to see, it is best to double and triple check EVERYTHING. So...when it comes to tours, I try to check everything twice...usually once to confirm then again day before or of. I tend to send an email first since we are all on blackberries and then follow up with another email or call.

This one TM never seems to get back to me, though I know he receives my messages. He's always vague and usually brushes me off. He will not be the one who gets yelled at, I will! So tonight before I left the office I called the hotel to ensure that B1 will be able to check in late, as he will not have time to check in before the show. The hotel said that someone had cancelled his room and is not under the TM's list. WTF. I didn't cancel it. B1 didn't cancel it. I just want to go home.

So as I wrapped up my day so I could go home and sleep, I email TM to see what the deal was, if he had switched hotel rooms, if he put his room under a different name, what had happened. No response. So I call and he gets kinda pissy with me. I'm sorry if he arranged a room for B1 and all of a sudden it disappeared. He will not get a call at 1am when B1 has no bed, I will be the one who receives the angry call.


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