Tuesday, February 21, 2006

cry wolf

Yesterday I went to the gym - ipod, keys, and blackberry in hand. I don't bring my regular phone, friends can wait. Blackberry doesn't know the term "wait". I start my 4 mile run and prop the blackberry on the machine so I can see it if it goes off. Rarely do I get summoned while I am at the gym, but the day I leave it in the car is when an emergency happens.

Halfway through my run I realize that I have 6 missed calls and 2 emails from B1. I don't know how I missed the flashing, but I did. All of the messages said to call him, nothing descriptive. So here I am sweating on the treadmill obviously without any of my papers or near a computer ready for this catastrophic emergency that warranted 8 reach outs to me in 15 minutes. And yes, I become that girl who is talking on the cell while on the treadmill. Luckily B1 was just asking how I was feeling and how my weekend was. Then as a side note asked if on Tuesday I can change his hotel. Um...? This is one percent of why I am always so anxious.

But today I headed to the coffeeshop before work since I needed to jumpstart my morning and I came in and the intern had on my desk a glorious cup of caffeine. Yay for double caffeine Tuesdays.


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