Friday, February 17, 2006

ay carumba!

Nothing like starting my Friday with a little Spanish.

B1 called from a foreign land and was caught off track due to a protest and needed to find his way to the hotel. Because in NYC, I know how to navigate around screaming masses crowding the streets thousands of miles away.

I have B1 on one line and the Spanish speaking hotel on the other as I try to find his way from point A to point B where apparently streets aren't name. I can't even tell you how fun that was. An exhilerating fifteen minutes where the office found it necessary to laugh at me as soon as I hung up since they heard my end of the conversation.

I won though.


Blogger Grace M. said...

Sorry, I can't help correcting people when they try to learn a new language (so as I like people correcting my English mistakes)
It's "¬°Ay, caramba!" (at least, in Spain).


4:07 PM  

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