Monday, February 27, 2006


I could be here for 24 hours a day and still not get everything done. :-/ I'm frustrated because I can't even see my desk. I have so many things that are important that need to be done, but obviously I can only work on one thing at a time.

B1 is looking through an outdated tour binder and I think he is disappointed. It was on my desk because I was about to update it with the latest deal memos, ad plans, market research, etc. But he needed it now. Now was also when I had to get a package ready to be overnighted by 7 pm (I just finished it), set up two meetings for tomorrow, find an artist's cell number, plan B1's trip to LA, research a copyright infringement, and deal with all the people calling.

This morning I knew would be rough, so I made coffee at home. I drank a cup while getting ready, then another 2 cups during my cold trek to the office. After I got out of the subway I received a text from the intern saying she picked up coffee for me. 5 cups before noon and that still couldn't get me through my day.


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