Sunday, March 12, 2006

diner calls

I was at the diner with my friends tonight and B1 calls. Naturally I had my blackberry on the table, because you just never know and missing a work call is not an option. So B1 calls and I debated on answering it since I was out in public, not near a computer, and preoccupied. I answer is he is asking me about tv lineups and channels. my friends, hearing my side of the conversation, start laughing because they are obviously not used to what a portion of my day entails. I see them from my peripheral vision and I almost lose it because B1 is going on and on and on and the laughter is continuing. I hung up and really had nothing to say in defence, just that I pretty much have to be on my toes at all times and be a walking reference. While at the gym this weekend I was also summoned asking when this years Siren Festival is - luckily I knew that without second thought.


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