Monday, March 06, 2006

lack of $$$

In case anyone is wondering, I get paid less than anyone I know with a full time job. Lately I have encountered people with the misconception that I am rolling in the dough because of my "glamourous" job. Wrong.

Yes, I do work 10 hours a day. No, I do not have time for a lunchbreak. Yes, I do eat while on the computer/phone/running around as do my other coworkers. Yes, I do write emails while on the subway. Yes, I have been woken up in the middle of the night for work things. No, I do not have dental insurance. Yes, I have two credit cards almost completely maxed out. No, I do not have a savings account.

I do love my job. There is just no money in it till you put in your dues. Which is why I am here and why despite my complaining and friends' impulsions - why I am staying. And it's obviously not about the money to me, but sometimes it does suck. So don't get into this biz if its the immediate dollas you are looking for.


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