Saturday, March 11, 2006

cd release prep

One of our artists has an album coming out, which means much excitement. I haven’t been so heavily involved with a release before and I’m really loving it.

Of course, the release date has changed three times already. I have spent the past three days blasting the CD and checking out sequences. We think we have it, but it may change slightly. It’s all a delicate balance of 50 minutes of rock. There’s one song I don’t like, and luckily it’s the last song. The lyrics are good, the music just irritates me. Unfortunately it slid in before the online bonus track and a slew of other, in my opinion, better songs that were cut.

The second single has already been chosen and there is a general consensus, though the first single is still debatable. I am honestly torn between the two songs. One seems more radio ready, though the second one I personally like more and I think is more powerful. I think the lyrics are stronger, and as cheesy as this may sound, the single will be release around April/May and the target market will be graduating and moving on with their lives and this song fits in nicely. Would be a gem for radio request lines in the midst of the summer fun anthems that plague radio shortly after that time.

There’s also discussions and critiques regarding the album art. We had one cover, which I liked, already get scrapped – though it may be used for the advances and promo. The past few days we have gone into various record shops and checking out the album art for artists in the same letter range. We’ll probably do another photo shoot outside of the studio and work with those with the old ones and create one slammin’ mock up.

And then there is the website that will soon go live. I was able to contribute a lot for the design and content – especially since I am all about research and jumping on trends, so gathering the most visitor info was key for me.

It’s all piecing together nicely.

I recently ran into a friend in another band that I knew pretty well and have been with as their develop and they are going through the same thing as I am, just on the artist end. It was comical that he did the record store thing too. Absolutely love it – looks like we are both on the right track. Summer 2006 will be an amazing time for music.


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