Thursday, March 09, 2006

End of week thoughts

Seems like yesterday was a good day, though I was too spaced to realize it. I was complimented by two of our artists about how nice and easy to work with. I then chatted it up with another one of our high profile artists and then later he was in my dream - weird.

I got invited to a meeting with a prospective artist, so that's fun.

In other news...the record is in the can! The full length is done now its all about getting the packaging together. Of course the artist, label, and management all have differing opinions on the album art - hell, all of us in the office have differing opinions, though I share the closest sentiment of the artist. I shared my thoughts before I heard the opposing thoughts, so hopefully I will get the opportunity tomorrow to defend myseld since I think I have some good supportive arguments. Its a gutsy and nontraditional cover, but coming from years of working in a record store-i hold a strong case in the retail aspect.

So this TM has it out for me. Of course sometimes I do get my info wrong and he is calm with me, but most of that is coming from someone else incorrectly and I am merely the messenger. Right before I left work he sent me an email accusing me of getting three emails wrong and how I should check my stiuff and its wasted time. I had just corResponded wiht those promoters so I know that they were valid. I checked what he sent them. In their address he had spelled "clearchannel" "chearchannel" and "entertainment" "enentertainment".


At least tomorrow is friday where not only do I go in early, but I celebrate the end of the week with lattes.


Blogger Allison said...

You might never see this, but I wanted to say that I read all of your blog entries in one sitting. It was riveting. I am just getting started in the industry, and I can relate to so much of what you've experienced. I wish I had your courage to post something like this. You really did capture, very gracefully I might add, both the anxieties and excitements of our industry.

Please send me a message through my (empty) blog if you get this. I would love to chat sometime.

Take care! Hope you're happy, wherever you are now.

1:10 AM  

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