Monday, March 13, 2006

busy as a bee

Lately I've had a one track mind - work, work, work. No fear though, because I'm really enjoying it. The comaraderie in the office is at an all time high and there is much excitement going on with our artists.

For the past week and for the upcoming days I have been immersed in, but not limited to: spellchecking lyrics, researching radio markets for an upcoming tour, gathering all foreign promoters information for a worldwide tour, calculating distances and chosing the best transpo for the upcoming national and worldwide tour, chosing promo photos for the label, selecting artwork, passing on mock ups, planning trips to LA, researching clusters and viewing habits of website visitors, and I forget about what the hell else.

Back to the comaraderie - the atmosphere has really changed in the past year. The other day B2 was speaking with one of the booking agents we work with and stated "the three of us" blah blah blah. Yes - I am apart of the "us". I know they view me as more than just an assistant, I becoming more the day to day point person. We have two meetings with high profile potential clients coming up and apparently I have to be present, good to see my input and outtake is valued. I'm just waiting for my damn very own artist because I know things will change even more.


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