Thursday, April 06, 2006

today was full of good news

There just are not enough hours in the day! My to do list will never be blank.

I received some great news late last night – we have our baby band as support for an upcoming tour, for an artist that I respect and like live. Woohoo! The venues vary in capacity, but hover around 1,200. The artist that we’re supporting has been recently breaking into the scene and has a lot of indie cred. Though we don’t have any product yet (CD won’t be out until after), we are in the talks of merch and promo at the show. This is especially exciting for me since I thrive on live shows and can relate to the target audience. Now is my time to shine in being innovative on how we can get the crowds to remember and be excited about our opening artist. Though I’ve got some good ideas formulating, I’ve called upon my fellow concert buddies and artist friends for their input. Hopefully by brainstorming we’ll all come out more knowledgeable and progressive.

Towards the end of the day, B1 was in B2’s office and asked if B2 had told me I was going on the road with our baby artist for some of the dates. Oh hell yes!

In other news, the TM that often gives me shit was actually pretty decent today. We knocked out a few stuff regarding the world tour and I was criticized or put down. The only issue that remains now are the tour busses, but that is out of my hands. B1 is going on some of the tour, and of course I have done all that I need to do regarding travel arrangements, just waiting on the TM and travel agent to give me some itineraries and numbers. I don’t like when people take too long.

I had to FedEx show contracts to one of our tour accountants. Naturally he told me to send them to the venue where he would be at the next day. These contracts have now vanished – and no one at the venue knows the name who had signed for them. Now what the hell do I do?

So we are meeting with the artist that I mentioned previously in my blog. Yes, the one whose music I didn’t really enjoy. I spoke to her on the phone for about 20 minutes today and we have a good rapport going on. She has a music video that she recently made, so I watched it. Ehhh…she has great style, the video was shot pretty interestingly – though slow at first, but the music is still so-so. It’s not bad, just got a good first single.

Before I left the office I was talking to one of the assistant tour managers that I talk to several times a day. Come to find out she lives in NYC so once she’s off her current tour, we’re going to go out for some drinks and shows since we have a lot of the same music tastes. Nice – I’m really excited because she’s always fun to speak with, and its funny because she asks me if she is doing things correctly. I just don’t know how old she is since we only speak on email, aim, and the phone. What if she is 55? I doubt she is – but still, that would be funny.

Yes, tomorrow s Friday. See, some people live for Fridays, but Fridays sometimes scare me. Most people have a two day vacation, for me – it’s just two days away from the office where I have to be prepared for any random question that comes to be while I am either driving, drinking, sleeping, or ignoring my phones.


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