Wednesday, April 05, 2006

score one for me

Not too long ago we had an artist come into our office to feel her out about possible management. B2 and I don't really enjoy her music. I've listened to a lot of her tunes, and though she is very marketable and fits into that young girl pop rocky niche, I don't feel the music. Rarely do you when you fall into that category. I still gave it a chance though and there are a few songs on there that have potential - not to be groundbreaking, but to sell albums.

B1, B2, and I met with her even though B2 and I went into is with the mindset of just talking with her, not to be proactive about anything. This girl has her cards lined up all right: already signed to a major, great booking agency, and her dad is pretty well respected in the industry. Those factors do overshadow the music at times. The girl has talent, she's been on stage, on film, on tv, and recordings - perhaps she is still just young so there isn't much substance and doesn't know who she is, or wants to be yet.

B2 and I have very similar music tastes and are very realistic, whereas B1 is all about the trends, but obviously knows the game. There's no second glance if B2 doesn't like something at first glance, and it comes off as attitude. I can read B2 and really mesh well with his personality, which is the main reason I think we get along so smoothly - mostly everyone new that he meets, not so much. B1 is slightly different, if he likes you - you know it by his attention, time, and willingness to personally open up. If he doesn't dig you, he is still cordial, but more straighforward businessy.

We are still courting the artist, pretty much just waiting to see how one of her auditions went. Today B1 and B2 said that she didn't have much to say about them, but spoke very highly about me to her father. NICE! That made my evening - especially how it came as a surprise. I still don't think I want her to be one of our artists though.


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